Sep 18, 2020 / Fox News
Salesforce to add 12,000 jobs over the next year
Aug 27, 2020 / Fox News to cut 1,000 jobs
Farewell to Gummy Bear Jars: Tech Offices Get a Virus Safety Makeover
Companies like Salesforce created workplaces with all the comforts of home. But now they may feel more like hospitals.
The Week in Business: Who’s Ready to Go Shopping?
The country’s economy is starting to reopen. But health officials warn against moving too fast.
Salesforce and Other Silicon Valley Firms Are Using Corporate Connections to Buy Masks for Hospitals
Marc Benioff, Tim Cook and others are applying their clout to critical supply shortages.
Marc Benioff’s $25 Million Blitz to Buy Protective Gear From China
A call from a university chancellor set in motion a private sector effort to procure 50 million masks, gowns and swabs for American medical facilities.
Frantic for Coronavirus Gear, Americans in Need Turn to China’s Elite
People and companies with vested interest in sustaining the U.S.-China relationship are stepping in as ties fray between the two countries.
Apr 13, 2020 / The Guardian
Bono helps Ireland’s search for coronavirus medical supplies
Apr 06, 2020 / Fox News
Companies hiring for work-from-home jobs during coronavirus
Administration Turns to Private Firms to Help Process Small Business Aid
The Small Business Administration is hiring companies, some with political connections, to ensure it can handle the flood of applications for help in the wake of the economy’s stall.
How Tech’s Lobbyists Are Using the Pandemic to Make Gains
Silicon Valley hasn’t suffered from the same financial devastation as other industries. Tech companies still have an agenda to push.
It’s Not All Bad. Here’s Proof.
We’re highlighting some of the more heartening things that caught our attention as the world mobilizes against the coronavirus pandemic.
Preparing for Millions of Layoffs
Unemployment claims are about to dwarf anything seen before.
Logged On From the Laundry Room: How the C.E.O.s of Google, Pfizer and Slack Work From Home
As chief executives hunker down during the pandemic, home offices have become corporate headquarters.
Stuck in a Spare Room, Running a Company
As chief executives hunker down during the pandemic, home offices have become corporate headquarters.
Capitalists Make Their Case Against Sanders
On Super Tuesday, moderates are coalescing around Joe Biden in hopes of preventing Bernie Sanders from amassing an insurmountable lead.
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