Subscribe to
any page
on the Internet*

* if the page owner does not prohibit or interfere with data collection

What cases is it useful?

Receive news only on topics that interest you

For example, you can subscribe to news on politics on the subject of "Brexit" only

Receive updates of online stores` sections

For example, you can sort by the date products in the section of children's toys and receive notifications when new products appear in it

Track changes in the prices of goods in online stores

For example, you can subscribe to the product in different online stores and track the dynamics of changes in its price. So you can get the best price

Track any changes in a specific block of the site page

For example, you want to track changes in the terms of use of the site

How it works?

1 Add a website page
for which you want
receive updates
2 Gasketo
is studying
3 Get updates
to the selected
communication channel

What Gasketo can?

Filter entries Specify stop words.
Such entries will be excluded from your subscription
Flexible schedule Receiving notices up to every hour
Private sources Add sources invisible to other users
Notification channels Now we notify by Email and Telegram
But doing: Facebook and others
Bookmarks Save links to your favorite entries
in your library
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