Subscribe to
any site
on the Internet

How it works?

1 Add a site for which you want receive updates
(or choose from the list)
2 Gasketo is studying
3 Get updates
to the selected communication channel

What Gasketo can?

Filter entries Specify stop words.
Such entries will be excluded from your subscription
Flexible schedule Receiving notices up to every hour
Private sources Add sources invisible to other users
Multiple channels Now we notify by Email
But doing: Facebook, Telegram
Bookmarks Save links to your favorite entries
in your library

What cases is it useful?

  • Source updates without your own notification system or without the ability to filter received entries
  • News sources with the ability to receive only topics of interest. There are filter words for this
  • Updates of sections of online stores
  • Subscription to an open page in a social network without the need for a subscription within the social network itself
  • Notices about municipal services: housing and utilities, roads, etc.
  • You can subscribe to product category updates in the online store or track product price changes.
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